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Judy, Another fine blog.

Things like Baseball, I believe, aid me in better understanding the difference between right and wrong (safe and out; fair and foul; strike and ball). It is my hope that an appreciation of the rules of Baseball helps people respect those like your son who defend our way of life.

I believe your son has grown up to be a man of honor and integrity, knowing right from wrong, partly because of his recognition of all that is good and pure about Baseball. Though I
mostly attribute it to your good parenting.

I hope he feels the need to fight for what is right, because that is exactly what I would tell him if I had the honor of meeting him. I think he knows already so my advice would be unnecessary.

In the end, we will always have Baseball. And I am glad the season is long and most of it is played without competion from the other professional leagues, which inspire no where near the personal integrity, which is the basis for all I hold true about the bat-and-ball sport played between two teams of nine players each.

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