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Beautiful piece of writing. It inspired me to post my own memory of my Mom and Baseball on



Bob from VA

My mom was a huge Red Sox fan but never got to see them win the WS. My kids saw it happen when they were three months old.

Bill Lewers

Although my dad was my primary baseball mentor, I would occasionally attend a game with my mom as well. One such occasion was a Red Sox-Yankee game at Yankee Stadium. I believe the year was 1963. We took turns using our one set of binoculars to zero in on the area of the batting cage where the Red Sox hitters were taking batting practice.

“Who is number eleven?” my mother asked.

“That would be Frank Malzone.”, I responded.

I then proceeded to reflect on his batting average, number of homeruns hit, number of All-Star games appeared in, as well as that in my completely unbiased opinion he, rather than Brooks Robinson, was the best third baseman in the American League.

My mother said quietly,

“He has a kind face.”

…and to this day what I remember most about Frank Malzone is that my mom thought he had a “kind face”.


Thank you for reminding me what MOTHERS DAY is REALLY all about....your words always help to keep me grounded and to remember what is truly important! Happy Moms Day to one of the finest moms I have ever known.

watching the game

ditto, and all my best.


Judy- What a wonderful, and oh so genuine tribute to our Mom! Yes, she has always been there-- and has invariably been gracious in attending games with us because it's exactly where WE want to be; ever the selfless mother, she is content just to be with us all. Thank you for phrasing so aptly how truly amazing she is. We were so very fortunate to grow up with her-- and with baseball, too! I remember her attending every softball game I ever played. And I will always treasure how excited she was to watch my son play Little League, camera in hand, pressed against the chain-link backstop!
And accolades to you for being an exceptional Mom who has raised three fine children-- and has loved every minute of it!
Love, Susan

watching the game

@ Bill: It's great to hear from you again! This story about your mom and a shared set of binoculars rings so true. The moment is vividly and beautifully captured. I very much enjoy her special take on the game and the poignant way in which it now enhances your own. Thank you!

watching the game

@Bob from VA: So sorry to hear your mom missed the long-awaited victory of 2004, but glad you could enjoy it with your kids. There's something truly special about sharing the game with a 3-month-old child - I got to do that in '86. Twirled my baby round and round the room! (I was a Mets fan at the time, sorry to say.)

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It is a nice mother's day memories. I am staying at New Jersey and my mother living at Washington DC. So I always mis my mother so much. But we always celebrates Mother's day together.

James Bailey

My mom took me to a Mariners game on Mother's Day back around 1980 or 81, I think. It may have been the only baseball game she ever took me to. I think they gave out little pocket mirrors to all the moms. The outfield cheap seats where we sat were crammed with kids, who were probably a bit louder than my mom enjoys, but she endured it.

She took me to a University of Washington football game once, too. I still remember her buying a cup of coffee to keep her hands warm, even though she doesn't drink coffee.

We had her and my wife's parents over for a cookout last night, and had quite a nice Mother's Day celebration.

watching the game

Pocket mirrors - ha, that's a good one. My sister Susan (see above) and family are huge Mariners fans, dating back to mid-80s. We'll have to meet up at Safeco sometime. Garlic fries, yum. Best to you and your mom, your wife et al, and Go Huskies!

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We all know that no one can take place of our mother. Mother's day is a wonderful moment for every mother's of the earth. Every year I celebrates mother's day with my mother.

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