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I immensely enjoy your commentary upon Baseball and keep you at the top of my Yahoo RSS feed.

Please let me suggest you put your hair back in pigtails and position yourself as a shortstop in an amateur game. Pick your opponent, and even if it is a one day rivalry (pickup game), it will help satisfy your urge to play.

I have done this on numerous occasions and it has done wonders.



Hayford Peirce

A very nice review! As intelligent and off-beat as Dave's book itself is....

watching the game

Paul - Advice that is well worth following. Haven't worn pigtails in years. Thank you! - J

watching the game

Thank you very much for the kind comment, Hayford. My piece is longer than it should be, but Snake Jazz clearly deserves the time and attention.
best, Judy J

James Bailey

Long, but very well done. I'll have to look Snake Jazz up. I enjoyed your review and your reflections quite a bit. And, yeah, there are way too many good books to ever hope to get to even half of them.


Beautful review of Snake Jazz!

Ernie McCray

What a great review regarding a great book written by a great guy, a Tucson High and University of Arizona classmate of mine - a friend, whose artistic and writing skills and humanness make me proud.
Your review reads so real like his story, so easy and smooth like his style, so interesting like his take on his baseball experiences.
Thanks for sharing Dave's wonderful piece of writing with your readers. And I'm thankful to him for turning me on to your work.
"Looks like a great day for two."

watching the game

Thanks so much, Tom. It was truly my pleasure.

watching the game

James, you're absolutely right. The piece grew very long as I sought to synthesize many strands of thought.

watching the game

Wonderful to hear from a longtime friend of the author. I greatly appreciate your kind words, Ernie, and just delighted to have learned about this excellent book. And yes, let's play two!

(Ah ... you share his name. How nice.)

Burgundy Featherkile

Wonderful review! Thank you. And I'm sure you noticed that the cover art on the book was done by Dave as well.

watching the game

My pleasure, Burgundy. I wish I could have made more of Dave's artwork, but didn't know quite how to weave it into a piece that was already too long! How exciting to come upon my two favorites - Shakespeare and baseball - when visiting Dave's online gallery full of wonderful paintings.


The desire to know all baseball is noble but a bit misplaced in my estimation. Baseball is a team sport, both in life and on the field. It would turn into a bore to know that there was a supreme baseball being that knew all. Grasp what you know and be willing to learn the reast.

watching the game

You make an excellent point. Thanks for the sound advice.

Hayford Peirce

If you don't read "Veeck as in Wreck", you're missing one of the truly great baseball books. I'm afraid that the accuracy of some of Bill's great stories is questionable when subjected to close scrutiny but it's still a great read. There really are moments in it that make me laugh out loud. And some great phrasing, whether by Veeck or his collaborator, Ed Lynn. For example: Walter O'Malley, "a man with a face that even Dale Carnegie would want to punch." By far my favorite baseball book!

watching the game

Thanks for the recommendation, Hayford. That's a book I've been wanting to read for some time now, so I just placed an order. Always enjoyed the title!


I've been collecting baseball books since I was a kid (many years ago). You mentioned and pictured some of my favorites. Based on this piece, I am going out to find 'Snake Jazz'. You have articulated your love of the game as anyone I've read lately.

I'd like to second the 'Veeck' recommendation and also recommend Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract.


watching the game

Many thanks for your comment, Hutchmo. I've ordered the Veeck book, and I'll be sure to follow the Bill James recommendation. Clearly that volume belongs in my library. Hope you enjoy my upcoming post (Wednesday). Thanks again for checking in! best, jj

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