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Happy 4th, Jude. I just started a long email about your posts, and lost it somehow. At least I think I lost it. You brought back memories of my father and me sitting on a screened-in-porch, watching the mets on channel 9 on an old black and white TV. The kind that blinked and went to a white line and the a dot that faded into nothing when you turned it off, but still I stared at that dot until it dissapeared, so many times, and for reasons I will never be able to explain. It is too late to go into more now, but just let me say thanks for this. Those evenings on the porch were really good times for me. Maybe the best times. More when I have the time!

watching the game

hey d - I'd do the very same thing every night after watching "Lassie" (age 7, had a crush on Timmy). Whenever the show ended, I'd wave to Lassie, then literally kiss the screen goodbye as the plaintive music came to an end. Then I'd watch that tiny dot fade into nothing, feeling a little bereft, but happy too. Also - here's to the Mets on WOR-TV once upon a time!


My dear Judy. For some reason I thought of you this morning, and when I looked for you online, I found your baseball passion and blog--something I never knew about you. I'm not on Facebook, so I'm contacting you in this roundabout way.

an affectionate voice from the past.


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