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Sarah Lentz

Ah -- I love this! It is so inspiring! And I definitely recognize that picture. Caitlin and I were there in Bath! What a magical trip. I will never be able to thank you enough for that breathtaking sight! xo

watching the game

I love the photo too - always feel as if I could walk right into that landscape. So glad you liked this post, Sarah. Thanks for your comment!

Jordan Hydro

I like the layout of your blog and Im going to do the same for mine. Do you have any tips? Please PM ME.

watching the game

Ok, will do.

Women and Baseball

Awesome! Thanks for posting this. Do you mind if we feature it on our tumblr? :D

watching the game

Of course - please do!

I was thrilled to find your FB page earlier today. Please check out my archives for lots more posts that feature girls and women:

Lucky Me (one of my first pieces, but still a favorite)

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Sensational Girl Player
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Thanks,and a very happy Opening Day!

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