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i think it's probably like playing tennis ... play with someone who's a lot better than you, and you'll improve very quickly, they say. Translation: watch a game with someone who's very well informed, and ask questions about EVERYTHING you see.

watching the game

awesome advice, nessa. you are so right. thank you!


Coach it. You want to learn about baseball? Coach it. Here is what you will find out:
After about 10 years, you will be able to say that you have run into every possible scenario. You will have a feel for where the ball and your players should be the moment the ball is hit. If they are a good team, they will know that too. You will know when a pitcher is a little off for a few pitches, and when he has lost it. You will understand the infield fly rule, and it will make perfect sense to you, to the point where you can't understand why anyone else can't understand it. You will know when to hit and run, and when to stand pat.
And things will seem to make perfect sense for the longest while. You will think you know everything.
Then you will have a string of games where none of the usual rules hold true, and you will see things that have never happened before. And you will feel like an idiot.
Then, if you hold true to the old rules, they will come around to work again, for the longest time.
That is my humble advice on how to learn more about the game, and what you will find out.
And I love this blog.

watching the game

D- I'm already learning more about baseball, thanks to you! What a great description and important perspective you offer. I'm grateful. Talk to you soon.

Emma Lentz

hey jud (judy),
i really like in the blog when you wrote " I view baseball as one really good reason to live a longer life." I think that shows how truely passionate one can be fo the game!
Emma lu poo =)

watching the game

hey Em - You are the best!!

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